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Tell God Exactly How You Feel: He Can Take It! (Concerning School Shooting in Benton, KY)

I write this with a heavy heart in light of yesterday’s tragic school shooting at Marshall County High School in Benton, KY. Benton is a small town, tucked away in Kentucky farm country very near where I grew up. (In the photo below you can see Benton circled in green and my hometown in circled in blue. My family and I personally know some who were there and affected yesterday. )

There are no easy answers in a time like this. But I want to encourage all of you (myself included). To those directly impacted by yesterday’s tragedy. To the moms who hesitated when dropping your “babies” off at school this morning. And… (more…)

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Why Does Christmas Feel Magical?

I’m sitting here writing, looking at one of my favorite sights… our Christmas tree. This time of year is so precious and special for so many reasons. There’s something intangible about it. Many try to explain it away with twinkling lights, shimmering paper and festive gatherings, but those of us who know, I mean really know, why we celebrate this season can have no doubt


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Not seeing God work in your life? There may be a very good reason.

You cannot expect God to show up and work in your life if you’ve never invited Him to come into your life and be an active part of it. Have you ever actually given your life to Him to do anything with?

I go on and on week after week, day after day about the working of God in our lives – the power of God to change our lives and affect every move we make and every breath we take. But in my heart I cannot help but wonder how many are reading post after post and thinking, “Well this isn’t for me,” or, “Yeah, that’s good for you, but where is He in my life?” (more…)

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