How to get into the Bible and get something out of it

Are you drinking a milkshake while doing sit ups?

Happy Monday!! I love Mondays, and mornings, and new years…basically anything that signals a fresh start! ūüôā Been that way as long as I can remember…but that’s a story for another day. For now I have a very important questions for you…Are you drinking a milkshake while doing sit ups? Crazy, I know. But if you are trying to squeeze …

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5 Podcasts Having Massive Impacts on My Mom-Life

So, over the past year I have become a self-proclaimed podcast junkie! In May of last year I read the book “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. This book set me on a quest for personal development,¬†and on my journey to a¬†more¬†empowered, confident, well-rounded, accomplished me,¬†I have found so many incredible resources that I never even knew existed!

Now, of course I’ve come across many great books which will serve well for another post in the
future; however, this go-round I want to focus on the¬†power of the podcast! Seems like every few weeks I am¬†discovering another incredible podcast. These¬†people inspire me to be the best version of myself, to keep reaching higher, to fulfill my God-given potential and to put feet on my goals and dreams, all while I go about a life that, let’s face it, affords me very little time to read without my dozing off after¬†2 pages!¬†Whether it’s¬†understanding why I¬†need to set clear, attainable goals, finding ways to walk my kids through tough times, feeding me practical guidance from the Word for my every day struggles or inspiring me to rev up my love life, these podcasts listed here have had noticeable impact on my life and relationships.¬†So here are some of my tops right now (in no particular order):

¬†¬†¬†¬† This podcast by incredible wife, mom, and ministry¬†servant/leader, Karen Stubbs is both inspiring and practical. It only takes a few minutes, and with her down-to-earth personality and sweet southern charm you will feel you are right there in the room with Karen and host, Sunny Williams just chatting it up with your great girlfriends. Birds on a Wire is an incredible ministry “that encourages and equips moms to reach their full potential in motherhood.”
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Perhaps no single person has¬†had a greater impact on my life and spiritual growth over the last decade than¬†Joyce Meyer. No one tells it like it is quite like “Mama Joyce!” If you are looking for¬†practical, powerful guidance to set you on the path to fully intertwining your everyday life with the power of God and His Word, look no further!
¬†¬†¬† San Diego based marriage coaches and Christian couple, Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo¬†are so not afraid to go there! And when I say there I mean absolutely anywhere!!¬†Sex is¬†God’s¬†greatest gift¬†to a married couple, and Tony and Alisa will inspire you to jump in there and unwrap that baby! They may make you blush, but they will also make you think.¬†Their¬†frank talk¬†of “sex, love, and commitment¬†provides couples with the tools, resources, and strategies to overcome their intimacy challenges.”
¬†¬†¬† I love this woman! After a couple months of listening to Arlene Pellicane‘s podcast I find myself feeling happier and more peaceful just from the sound of her voice. Arlene has authored some great books, including one of my new favorites, “Growing Up Social: Raising relational kids in a screen-driven world,” which she co-authored with Dr. Gary Chapman, best-selling author of “The 5 Love Languages.” Arlene encourages you to find more…”More happiness, more closeness to God and others, and more purpose in your day-to-day life.”

   When it comes to inspiring and motivating you to reach your fullest God-ordained potential there is no one like the late great Zig Ziglar.  This podcast (many of which kick off with a clip of Zig himself) will drive you to not only improve yourself but to seek to empower and encourage those around you as well.

While there will never be another Zig Ziglar,¬† Zig’s¬†son, Tom and show host, Kevin Miller are ensuring that the Ziglar legacy lives on. If, by chance, you are not familiar with Zig Ziglar, STOP! Do not read another word further until you have taken some time to get to know¬†who he was and what his name still stands for today!

Whatever you may lack in inspiration for those under your charge,¬†Zig’s got you covered. I promise, in no time his wisdom and insight will become a game-changer for you¬†and your family.¬†Case in point –¬†I had only been listening to¬†The Ziglar Show¬†podcast for a month or so when, in the midst of trying to make a decision¬†about the kids, our 7 year old, Mikaela pipes up and asks, “What¬†would Zig Ziglar do?”
¬†With Zig’s¬†fierce optimism and rock solid faith, this podcast is a winner for the entire family! Introduce your kids to Zig Ziglar now! I promise it will impact them for the rest of their lives.
Zig was firmly convinced that “we are all endowed with the seeds of greatness,” and after listening to him you will be too!

Ok, friend, I hope you’ll check out some of these, or discover some great ones of your own. (If you do, feel free to share them in the comment section below!)

You may think you don’t have time for listening to a podcast. That’s what¬†I used to think. But now that I can listen to everything on my phone, my podcasts are constantly playing as I’m get ready ¬†in the morning, making dinner in the evenings, or riding the bike home from dropping the kids off at school. Folding laundry? Perfect time for a podcast! ūüôā Cleaning the house was never so inspiring!

¬†My prayer is that this post will inspire you to keep going and keep growing. No matter what stage of life you find yourself¬†in, don’t settle for settling down! Yes,¬†be comfortable, enjoy life and¬†by all means¬†pursue¬†peace. Don’t take on more then you can take on while remaining calm! At the same time, challenge yourself and grow yourself. Be¬†and do all you can to reach the fullness of all the potential the Lord has put into you. In the words of Zig Ziglar, “You have the seeds of greatness in you!”¬†
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How to get into the Bible and get something out of it

Getting into the Bible and getting something out of it! – Part 3

James 1:25 says that we are blessed when we look into the perfect law that gives freedom and then don’t forget what it says. To me, that says memorizing scripture is a major key to a powerful walk with the Lord. I promise it’s not as hard as you think, and in this short video I share some tips and tricks …

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How to get into the Bible and get something out of it

Getting into the Bible and getting something out of it!, Part 2

Enjoy! This one includes a surprise appearance from the kiddos! ūüôā–9K3jKI

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