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11 Bible Verses for Self Motivation as We Head Into the New Year

Just Do it! I don’t believe I am taking anything from Nike™ when I say this. Rather, I believe God implemented this policy many centuries ago, and I am confident that it is still His message to us today. That’s why I have pulled together 11 Bible verses to aid with self motivation as we head into the new year. (Though there are countless more!)

The Scripture is full of numerous instances where the Lord simply says, 

“Do this,” and makes no allowance for all of our wonderful excuses. Nor does He say, “Unless of course you were just born that way and can’t help yourself.”

Check out just a few of these examples below:






  • “Strip yourselves of the old nature and put on the new.” Ephesians 4:22





  • “Do not let your heart be troubled.” John 14:1




Maybe this coming year it is time to get tough with ourselves. Refuse to bow down to every whim of our flesh (or “humanness” as I like to call it). When we feel those wrong attitudes and mindsets rising up in us, let’s stop and say, “No! I will not allow this attitude to take over, and by the power of the Holy Spirit living inside of me I will overcome this temptation.” (See Breaking Free From Controlling Emotions: A Powerful Weapon for When You Feel Powerless)

I challenge you…leave this year and face the new with the right attitude, a peaceful, joyful heart, a commitment to the things of God and a deep love for His people. If you want the life Christ died to give you, you must follow His commands. Enough complaining about what your life and your walk are not until you are holding up your end of the bargain.

I don’t believe God has given us these instructions merely to torment us with a daunting list of commands, but rather because He knows that in doing these things we will “have and enjoy our lives, in abundance, to the full, till they overflow!” (John 10:10)

So get out there, and just do it!

(Please grab some 3×5 note cards, and write out the verses above. Place them where you will see them often, and let the power of God’s Word have its full affect in your life as you hide it in your heart. And if you are looking for verses to start teaching your kids, this is a great way to start!)

If you got something out of today’s post, please share it with others that we may continue spuring each other on, and so that we can encourage each other to enter 2018 with great attitudes and a determination to glorify our great God!

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